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Lilburn Community Improvement District Holds Open House Community Meeting

Lilburn Community Improvement District Holds Open House Community Meeting

Lilburn, GA--  (submitted by Lilburn CID)  The Lilburn Community Improvement District will host an Open House Community Meeting for the Highway 29 Corridor Study.  The Open House will be held on Thursday, March 3rd from 6:30pm to 8pm at the Providence Christian Academy 4575 Lawrenceville Hwy, Lilburn, GA 30047.  The public is invited.

This Open House will conclude a 6-month study of the Highway 29 Corridor.  The Lilburn CID used $100,000 of SPLOST funds from Gwinnett County for the $120,000 study.  “This Study will give the Lilburn CID and Greater Lilburn a playbook to help us navigate the creation of a Boulevard of Opportunity”, Gerald McDowell, Executive Director.

Examining Violence In Georgia

It was refreshing and surprising, sadly, to hear Dick Williams call-out a questioneer during a U.S. Representative Paul Broun gathering at the end of today’s Georgia Gang show as an example of negativity in Georgia news and politics.

Williams was refering to a deeply misguided person who asked *Who’s going to shoot Obama?* to Rep. Paul Broun at a Tuesday, February 22, 2011 townhall meeting at the Oglethorpe County Commission chamber.

Missing Gwinnett Girl Found Unharmed

LILBURN, GA -- His family had lost sleep for four straight nights. Now, Leo Ristick no longer worries about the whereabouts of his niece, 12-year-old Pricella Ristick. Thursday night, she emerged unharmed in Las Vegas, the city she called home for the last two years.

"How she got to Vegas, I don't know. How she got away, I don't know," Ristick said Friday morning.

Pricella Ristick disappeared from a Lilburn shopping center Sunday evening. Surveillance images appeared to show her sprinting toward a white van. She called home two hours later -- saying she was with a woman named Nancy. Police treated it as an abduction, with many question marks.

"This, fortunately, turned out to be good. She's healthy, she's fine. The reasons why she left, we don't know. We're looking into that," said Gwinnett County police spokesman Cpl. Edwin Ritter. 

Missing 12-year-old Girl Found Safe in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (11Alive) - Pricilla Ristick, 12, missing from Gwinnett County, has been found safe and sound in Las Vegas, NV.

Gwinnett County police said late Thursday night that Pricilla had started calling her uncle, Joey Thompson's cell phone from a blocked phone number. Investigators said Pricilla told Thompson that she was in a building with many people and that they would not let her leave.

At about 5:30 Thursday afternoon, Pricilla called the cell phone again. When investigators spoke to her, she said that she did not want to go home, and that she was at a Kroger store in Atlanta. Investigators said she claimed she was fine.

As Gwinnett County investigators talked with Pricilla on the phone, the number she was calling from was traced to an intersection in Las Vegas. Police contacted the Las Vegas Police Department and notified them of her location. They went to that intersection and took her into custody.

Family's New Theory on 12-Year-Old's Disappearance

LILBURN, GA -- Family members of a 12-year-old girl who disappeared from Lilburn Sunday night now wonder if an abductor was trying to "rescue" her from a perceived bad life of selling flowers on the street, intending to deliver her to a DFACS office.

Pricella Ristick was last seen by her family Sunday evening, helping her uncle sell flowers in the parking lot outside the Little Caesars pizza restaurant on Indian Trail Road, just off of Dickens Road.

Relatives from across the country have arrived in Lilburn to help look for her. They are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to her return. They have printed and distributed flyers, and they've gone door-to-door asking people if they saw anything.

College Park Man Arrested After Deadly Lilburn Fire

LILBURN, GA -- Officials have arrested a second suspect in connection with the Lilburn house fire that killed three young children last week.

One-year-old Stacy Brito, 3-year-old Ivan Guevara and 4-year-old Isaac Guevara all died from their injuries.

Investigators say Joseph Perez of College Park was at the home at the time of the fire and has now been charged with drug trafficking.

Police are still looking for another suspect, Ivan Gonzalez.

He's wanted on several charges including the deaths of the three children, arson and drug trafficking.

Free to Speed in Gwinnett? Think Again, Sheriff's Dept. is Ticketing Speeders

Free to Speed in Gwinnett? Think Again, Sheriff's Dept. is Ticketing Speeders

Gwinnett County, GA--  While a lawsuit has not been resolved involving service delivery contracts between the county and cities, it has widely been reported that county police and city police departments have lost their right to run radar guns.  This fact as trickled down to residents and commuters whom continue to believe they are now free to speed, because the police have lost their ability to track and catch offenders.

Speeders beware.  Sheriff Butch Conway of the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department has enlisted his officers to turn their radar guns ON to catch speeders and to continue to ticket individuals.  

The fact that the Gwinnett Sheriff is an elected officer and that his Sheriff's Department is not a department who reports or answers to the Board of Commissioners, they are not subject to the sanctions from the pending lawsuit and can still use radar.

"It is important that law enforcement officers in Gwinnett