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Coupon Class in Atlanta
Coupon Class in Atlanta

As the Atlanta Economy struggles to get back to its former economic greatness. People across Atlanta are struggling to put food on the table with the price of food rising 6% in the last month alone what use to be afforable is no longer affordable. The Coupon Diva is now holding coupon classes. In these classes you will learn rules for the following stores. Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Target, Rite aid, Walgreens, and CVS. You wil havea fun and informative class where you learn hot to keep not only food, cleaning supplies, and health and beauty products.

When people here The Coupon Diva's story they understand why she started couponing. Born in Atlanta  Aimee was a army brat and was the oldest of 6. As they traveled the world the one thing that remained constant in her life was her family and the sunday ritual of church, brunch and coupons. When Aimee became a single mother she didnt cut coupons it wasnt until her daughter wanted to start doing extra activities outside of school did she realize she need to cut expenses and after cutting all she could the one thing that was left was still had a $100 a week grocery bill. Remembering what couponing tricks that her mother taught her she bagan couponing she gave herself one month and within that month she got her bill down to $50.00 a week. Years later her bill is on average is $35.00 and that includes food, cleaning  and health and beauty products.


Want more information this class:

Smart Money Chicks and The Coupon Diva




The Coupon Class


You have watched the Shows, You have read the paper, You have heard all about how a person saves over 50%-75% off there grocery bill. Now is your chance to learn how you can do it to. 



The Coupon Diva, voted Atlanta's #3 Favortite Local Blog by the AJC will teach you:


  • Where to find coupons & How to use them
  • Organizing your coupons the Easy WAY!
  • Shopping at the stores to save
  • Time saving methods
  • Secrets & Tricks to couponing the right way

Plus more!


We will Provide Tip Sheet and Handouts, all you have to bring is you!



If you have any questions, Please contact Andrea @ connect(a)smartmoneychicks.com