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Make road trips with kids more fun! 40% off travel toys, games + activity kits from TravelKiddy.com | Business

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Make road trips with kids more fun! 40% off travel toys, games + activity kits from TravelKiddy.com
Make road trips with kids more fun! 40% off travel toys, games + activity kits from TravelKiddy.com

Are you dreading summer travel because your kids fight and complain too much? Turn off the DVDs and get them actively engaged with stimulating, age-appropriate entertainment. CLICK HERE TO PAY $12 AND GET $20 worth of sanity-saving travel toys, games, and activity kits from TravelKiddy.com!


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TravelKiddy is a Mama-owned online site specializing in road trip-tested products and activity kits for kids of all ages. Isn't it fabulous we found someone else to gather up a bunch of fun goodies and pack them for you in one convenient pouch? It is an adventure in every bag! Each item is lovingly selected for mobility, entertainment, educational value, and durability.

There's lots of fun doo-dads like wind up toys ($3), lacing cards and kaleidoscopes ($5). Our kids are big fans of the creative eeBoo Memory games ($12) and the eco-friendly Bamboo Travel Games ($6.50) or choose an activity kit to keep little ones busy and happy.

The main kit is called the TravelKiddy, and it’s designed for kids ages 3-5 or 6-9 ($50). This kit contains games, Melissa & Doug doodle pads & crayons, puzzles, Wikki Stix, stickers, finger puppets, play figures, and enough variety to entertain for at least 8 hours plus. It also comes with a Parent Pack for mom and dads with necessities like tissues, wipes, stain remover, and a few other essentials. Lastly, we love that there's also a separate set of “on the way back” goodies. You can purchase a bonus set of “just for girls” or “just for boys”. 

Another favorite is the BusyKiddy kit ($40), which comes in an insulated, reusable lunch bag. This great everyday activity kit is perfect for errands, entertainment at your local restaurant or those dreaded sick days. Plus, it is the perfect place for your kids to stash left-overs and snacks that need to be kept cold. Bonus!

Other themed varieties include the miniKiddy for young children ($20), the BathKiddy, the Splish Splash ($35), the Night Travel Collection ($20), and the Made in the Shade activity kit ($35).  

All of TravelKiddy’s high quality products have been pre-approved by a panel of experts, including educators, parents, and - of course – kids! TravelKiddy’s kits and goodies are your new best friends. Three cheers for anything that can help save your sanity and keep your patience intact. Plus, TravelKiddy’s kits cost less than if you did it yourself. The staff at TravelKiddy will even custom-design a kit to suit your child’s unique interests, and refill kits can be purchased at a reduced rate.

Don’t worry if you are staying put this summer because this deal is good for six months! Just think how much easier holiday traveling will be with treats from TravelKiddy (most are TSA-friendly too!). You can buy up to five separate deals (can only use 1 per transaction at a time on TravelKiddy.com) so grab an extra kit or two for last minute getaways or birthday presents!



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