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Weapons behind film fights made in Atlanta | News

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Weapons behind film fights made in Atlanta

LILBURN, Ga.-- The clash of drama you see on the big and small screens starts in a small workshop in Lilburn.

"It's a great experience to be part of it, from the very beginning," Eric Anthony said.

When the new NBC series "Revolution" premiers in October, Anthony will be watching with glee. "I get excited just telling the simple stories about how these pieces are created," he said.

Anthony owns Atlanta Prop House. He makes, collects, and rents weapons for films and movies. A walk through this living room is a lesson in the art of television war.

PHOTO GALLERY| Making and Collecting Movie Weapons

He points out swords used in Willow, Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves, and The Last Samurai. He has a unique insider perspective on what it takes behind the scences to pull off a flawless film fight.

He explains every prop weapon has a "hero piece". For Pirates of the Caribbean, it was an antique gun. It's used for close-ups, but too valuable to use in fights and stunts. Instead, an artist like Anthony will make a mold and then many copies. Each version can be modified based on its function. Guns sometimes have a rubber end used when hitting actors and stunt men. Swords used in fights must be hard enough to sound and look real.

For Anthony's huge order for "Revolution", he made swords using newer technology out of his Buford warehouse. He starts with 1/4 inch thick aluminum. The same material is used in the outer shell of airplanes.

Anthony then puts the details on the weapons in his own workshop. He's a details guy. Those details make each move, and each movie, more realistic.

"Even if I just make a fake gun or knife, people will forever be able to enjoy it," he said.