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LOCAL PROFILE: Turkey Day Fitness Tips | Health

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LOCAL PROFILE: Turkey Day Fitness Tips


ATLANTA – Next week marks the start of the season many of us look forward to, year round. People love this season, dubbed “the most wonderful time of the year”, for a number of reasons. For children it could be the toys and gifts they receive or the annual visit to Grandma’s house. Or for adults it could be the abundant holiday cheer or the abundant holiday food it's okay to consume for the mere sake of the holiday. For some, the holidays can be too cheery and many end up heavier than they were before they started. 

Was the holiday food really worth a holiday gut? Think again.

Many people struggle with this issue, year in and year out. Some go on crash diets before the holiday or workout until they’re fatigued to “make room” for their Thanksgiving Feast but Amy Henry at FORUM Fitness in Buckhead thinks they’re all “wasting their time”.

“Many people wake up on Thanksgiving and they don’t eat all day; what they’re doing is wrong” says Henry. “It’s best to snack on different things throughout the day so you won’t overeat at dinnertime”.

She also advises that people should check exactly what is being served at dinner and to “only eat what you can’t live without”. Henry says to ask family members how they've prepared certain foods that way you can keep track of, exactly, what’s being cooked into your meal.

After dinner, Henry suggests talking a brisk walk with weights, about 2lbs for women and up to 5lbs for men. “Walking with weights incorporates the upper body and engages your core muscles”, Henry says.

She also recommends doing plank workouts while watching television and thirty minute interval runs on the treadmill.

“If you don’t have time to spend an hour at the gym interval training is the quickest way to get an effective workout in a short amount of time”.

These are just a few of the tips Henry offered us and she promises they’ll cut down on your post turkey day flab. Henry also offers advice on her website or you can find her at The FORUM Athletic Club in Buckhead, everyday.